З Новим 2018 роком!


We invite you to participate in the international scientific conference on the

  • occasion of the 50th anniversary of founding agrochemical service of Ukraine will be held from July 22-24, 2014 in Kyiv.


Section 1. Soil Science.

Section 2. Agricultural Chemistry.

Section 3. Soil Protection

Section 4. Monitoring of soil.

Conference languages ​​- Ukrainian, Russian


July 22, 2014

Arrival and accommodation of participants

July 23, 2014

Plenary conference session


Work in sections

July 24, 2014

Work in sections

Excursion in Kiev

For participation in conference, you need to send a request to the organizing committee (sample attached) and report materials (electronic and paper version.) until May 30, 2014.

Materials of conference will be published in a special issue of the proceedings “Soil Protection”



Language – Ukrainian or Russian.

Size – 5 pages (10,000 characters).

Text is performed in Microsoft Word, typefaces Times New Roman, size 14 points, with 1.5 line spacing, indent at the beginning of the paragraph 1.25 cm.

Materials may include tables and drawings. Captions under the pictures and the headlines tables are executed in bold printed size of 14 points – according to GOST 3008-95. The filling of the table is performed printing font size of 12 points.

Tables should be performed in Excel or Word without filling; formula – in formulas editor MS Equation. Drawings made ​​in Word, should be grouped into a single graphic. All illustrations should be submitted in black and white or grayscale color. Abbreviations, conditional tags, a list of references – according to standards.

For the layout used A4 with margins: top and bottom – 2 cm, left – 2,5 cm, right – 1,5 cm.

Content accommodation of the material:

first line – specify UDC and align the left margin without indentation – bold type;

following line in the middle – theses name in CAPITAL LETTERS, bold type;

next line – information about the author(-s) as follows: initials and surname, academic degree, academic title, name of organization, which employs the author, e-mail address (font – italic);

main text begins one line after the information about the author. Alignment – across the entire width.

Text of the report theses is original and can’t be edited. Author is responsible for the content.

Materials that do not meet the requirements, the organizing committee will not accept. The collection is planned to publish until the beginning of conference.

Notification how to include report in the conference program and invitations will give in the following information letter


Application for Registration

(complete for each participant)


Please send your application no later than

May 30, 2014

Name ______________________________

Surname ____________________________

Middle Name ________________________

Academic degree, title ___________________


Organization _________________________

Mailing address _______________________


Phone: ______________________________

Fax: ________________________________

E-mail: ______________________________

Title of the presentation _________________


Participating excursion Kyiv:  □Yes  □  No (check appropriate box)

The need for help in the reservation hotel: □Yes □No (check appropriate box)





State Institution

“Soils Protection Institute of Ukraine”

Str. Helen Teligy, 8,

Kyiv, Ukraine,


Phone / Fax: (044) 594-19-61

E-mail: uchsecretar@gruntrod.gov.ua


Valchyk Vadim,

Deputy General Director  SE “Derzhgruntohorona” with scientific and technical activities

Phone: (044) 594-19-65

Panasenko Victoria,

Scientific Secretary of SE “Derzhgruntohorona”

Phone: (044) 594-19-66

Mobile: (067) 408-47-54

E-mail: uchsecretar@gruntrod.gov.ua

Place of the Conference will inform later