Webinars on the use of the Web of Science platform

From May 5 to 26, 2022, Clarivate will hold free webinars for Ukrainian scientists to discuss the possibilities of using the Web of Science platform. This was reported by press -service of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

At the online events, participants will be able to improve their knowledge and skills in working with the Web of Science platform and analytical tool InCites, learn about the features of creating, adjusting and using profiles of institutions in Web of Science.

You must register to participate in webinars. Participants will be able to receive electronic certificates if they listen to at least 90% of the main time of the webinar.


Webinar Program

May 5, 2022

Topic: “Using the Web of Science for Effective Research”

Web of Science opportunities for researcher, teacher and administrator. How to search for professional literature on relevant research topics? How to search for collaborative researchers or reviewers, identify institutions and researchers who are leaders in a particular field of research? How do I find answers to these questions with a basic search using search operators and abbreviations? How do I analyze a sample of documents?

Registration link:

10: 15–11: 15: bit.ly/3xwPqrN

16: 15–17: 15: bit.ly/3JRQuKG


May 10, 2022

Subject: “Institution Profile: Create, Adjust, Use”

For what needs is it necessary to evaluate the publishing activities of the organization? Difficulties and ways to solve them during the search and analysis of the institution’s publications.Creating and maintaining an up-to-date profile of the institution in the Web of Science Core Collection. What works (cannot) be included in the profile of the organization, how to create and export in a certain format a list of publications of the institution for a particular period?

Registration link:

10: 15–11: 15: bit.ly/37qRiHV

16: 15–17: 15: bit.ly/3jKDx9l


May 12, 2022

Topic: “Possibilities of using InCites analytical tool for scientist and administrator”

Review webinar on the capabilities of the InCites analytics tool. What data are used and what indicators are expected, what to look for when analyzing the institution’s achievements and how to compare institutions with achievements in a particular field of research? Criteria for the effectiveness of cooperation. Search for partners to implement projects. Analysis of documents on a particular topic. Ready automatic reports and results according to user queries.

Registration link:

10:15–11:15: bit.ly/37ZGqR1


May 24, 2022

Topic: Research Smarter: A Literature Review “Excellent”

Working with information sources requires certain skills. During the webinar, participants will learn how to effectively review the literature, search for articles for their own research, how to cite, how to work with links in preparation for work and ensure successful collaboration with their co-authors.

Registration link:

10: 15–11: 15: bit.ly/3rRIqSK


May 26, 2022

Topic: “SWOT-analysis in InCites: how to conduct a correct analysis by specialization”

InCites Benchmarking & Analytics, based on Web of Science data, provides the objective and reliable indicators needed to make research decisions. The webinar will focus on how to properly analyze the performance of institutions, evaluate cooperation, identify experts on specific research topics, demonstrate strengths, open new opportunities, etc.

Registration link:

10:15–11:15: bit.ly/3vDTqUR