The course of the sowing campaign in Ukraine

The sowing campaign in Ukraine, despite the war, is quite active. However, the lag from last year’s sowing is from 20 to 30%, which is also due to weather conditions. This was reported by Minagropolitiki .

The occupier, meanwhile, continues to steal Ukrainian grain – the losses of farmers reach at least $ 125 million. Almost all ships that go with grain from Sevastopol, carry stolen Ukrainian grain.

“Farmers are currently facing difficulties, which are primarily related to logistics. They have less money for herbicides. They save on diesel. There are losses in time due to curfew, movement of equipment. Adds fuel storage problems. In particular, because of all this sowing lasts longer than standard. The lag from last year’s sowing, depending on the regions, is from 20 to 30%, “said the Minister.

But sowing rates have shifted somewhat, given that this year is colder than last year, he added.

According to Mykola Solsky, the war also changed the trends in the selection of agricultural crops for sowing. So, for example, corn sowing volumes decrease. This is due to the fact that farmers, saving money, firstly, go to sow cheaper crops, and secondly, they choose those crops that give lower yields and a ton costs more. Therefore, this year the yield of corn will decrease than, for example, sunflower and soybeans.

In addition, the Minister confirmed the facts of looting by the occupiers of agricultural products in the temporarily occupied territories. Thus, the occupiers have already sent in the direction of Crimea approximately 400-500 thousand tons, where 1 ton costs $ 250-300.

“This is a big business run by top-level people: the secret services of the aggressor country, the military and various swindlers who like this business for life. This season, Crimea, even when we controlled it, has already imported grain from other regions as standard. Given that they have not actually grown it in the last few years, due to the lack of, in particular, watering, the more they need grain for domestic consumption. In addition, they are establishing channels for loading ships through Sevastopol. In our opinion, almost all ships that come with grain from Sevastopol are ships with stolen Ukrainian grain. After all, there is no reasonable logistical approach to move grain from the mainland of Russia and ship it through Sevastopol, if it can be done closer, through Russian ports, “Mykola Solsky stressed.

According to him, today there is an understanding of what local traders and representatives of the Russian market are doing. Relevant information is passed to law enforcement agencies. The prosecutor’s office registers all the facts. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine is working to ensure that this grain is promptly arrested and confiscated with the help of our Western partners.