Happy New Year holidays!

Dear colleagues!

We sincerely congratulate everyone on the New Year holidays!

The year 2022 seemed extremely difficult, but no matter what, We persevered! We did not lose our faith and courage, we became indomitable and invincible.

For each of us, the most important values ​​have become a peaceful sky above our heads, the independence and freedom of our people, which we choose every day.

Therefore, let warmth and comfort always reign in your homes in the New Year 2023, and your fruitful work will be a reliable guarantee of a happy future!

We wish you good health, material well-being and a peaceful sky over all of Ukraine! May the heart always be proud of our great nation, and the soul sincerely thank Ukrainian heroes for the opportunity to wake up in the morning with hope for a bright future.



General director and staff of the SI “Derzhgruntokhorona”