Dnipropetrivsk branch of the state institution “Institute of soil protection of Ukraine”

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Dnepropetrivsk branch of the SI “Derzhgruntokhorona” is a state research and production institution that implements state policy in the field of conservation, reproduction and protection of soil fertility, conducting their state monitoring, improving the quality of agricultural products and raw materials, as well as state supervision and control over compliance with legislation on pesticides and agrochemicals in the field of crop production.

Main activities of the branch:

agrochemical studies of the state of soil fertility in 12 main parameters with the subsequent development of agrochemical cartograms ecological and agrochemical field passports and recommendations for improving soil quality and fertilization of agricultural crops;

ecotoxicological studies of soils and products on the level of contamination with heavy metals, pesticide residues, and radionuclides;

conducting soil diagnostics of mineral nutrition of agricultural crops;

conducting of the field experiments with agrochemicals;

implementation of operational control over the quality of feed during harvesting and complete zootechnical analysis during their storage;

determination of the quality of crop production, agricultural raw materials, fertilizers and pesticides;

development of technological and design estimates for the implementation of measures for radical land improvement;

development, implementation and control over the implementation of state and regional programs for the protection of soil fertility, etc.

The branch is equipped with modern devices and equipment, has experienced highly qualified specialists, and is certified in the “Ukragrostandard” system.

The branch’s research materials are used by land users for:

comparison of the quality of soil assessment in fields, farms and determination of unproductive land;

placement of agricultural crops in accordance with their biological requirements;

application of balanced, cost effective doses of organic and mineral fertilizers;

determination of the need for radical improvement of soils, development of technological and design estimates for its implementation;

conducting a monetary assessment of land, determining the amount of land payment;

development of investment projects, business plans, registration of certificates on the state of soil fertility, etc.

By order of citizens, agricultural producers and commercial structures:

we determine the level of safety of products for health by determining the contamination of all types of crop and other products with nitrates, toxic elements, pesticides and radionuclides;

we determine the moisture, gluten and protein content of grain and sugar in sugar beet;

we conduct a complete zootechnical analysis of feed;

we perform agrochemical analyses of organic fertilizers, peat products and soil mixtures, determine the compliance of agrochemicals with the requirements of state and interstate standards and technical conditions;

we perform agrochemical soil analyses.