Lviv branch of the state institution “Institute of soil protection of Ukraine”

Work and achievements of the Lviv branch of the SI “Derzhgruntokhorona”

Lviv zonal agrochemical laboratory as an independent scientific and production institution at the Research Institute of Agriculture and animal husbandry of the western regions of Ukraine was established in accordance with the resolution of the Council of Ministers of the Ukrainian SSR of July 23, 1964 No. 749 “On the organization of agrochemical service in agriculture of the Ukrainian SSR”.

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The laboratory went through the path of reorganization and, in accordance with the order of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and food of Ukraine in 2013, became the Lviv branch of the state institution “Institute of soil protection of Ukraine”.

The Lviv branch of the SI “Derzhgruntokhorona” performs about 130 types of analytical studies of soil, crop products and water. The qualitative composition of mineral, organic fertilizers and chemical meliorants is determined. Radiological and toxicological studies are conducted.

The branch annually conducts an agrochemical survey of soils on an area of 110 – 130 thousand hectares of agricultural land, produces agrochemical passports and cartograms of soil fertility indicators on 3.2 – 4 thousand land plots.

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Based on the results of analytical studies,          50-70 thousand tons of crop products are certified annually. Design and estimate documentation for Liming acidic soils is developed, soil and plant diagnostics of mineral nutrition is carried out, based on the results of which the need for mineral fertilizers for the planned harvest is calculated and recommendations for their use are given.

Specialists of the branch conduct research and advisory work on the protection and improvement of soil fertility.

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Scientific achievements of the branch are promoted at seminars, meetings, scientific and practical conferences, as well as the work of the branch is highlighted, attention is focused on problematic issues of agriculture and possible solutions to them.

The branch fruitfully cooperates with the Lviv regional state administration, the department of agro-industrial development of the regional state administration, district departments of agro-industrial development, the Department of ecology and natural resources of the Lviv regional state administration, Lviv National agrarian university, the Main department of the state land agency in the Lviv region, the state enterprise “Lviv research and design institute of land management”.