Mykolaiv branch of the state institution “Institute of soil protection of Ukraine”

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In 1964, the Mykolaiv zonal agrochemical laboratory was founded as part of the state agrochemical service at the regional agricultural Experimental Station (Polygon village). In 1986, it was reformed into the regional design and Exploration Station for agricultural chemicalization, and in 1999 – the Mykolaiv regional state design and Technological Center for the protection of soil fertility and product quality “Oblderzhrodyuchist”. Since 2013, the Mykolaiv branch of the state institution “Institute of soil protection of Ukraine” – which in the region is the only research institution on agrochemical issues with a wide range of functional responsibilities.


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The branch has 52 employees, including 23 researchers.  The main task of the branch is to carry out scientific research in the field of soil protection and fertility, rational use and environmental safety of agricultural land, environmental objects, determining the quality of products, raw materials and agrochemicals. For almost 50 years, we have gained a lot of experience, there is all the necessary modern equipment. Field experimental studies on the use of mineral and organic fertilizers and meliorants are conducted on three topics, the results of which make it possible to provide assistance to agricultural producers. Every year, an agrochemical survey is carried out on an area of more than 300 thousand hectares, about 4 thousand land plots are subject to certification. Based on the results of analytical studies, certification of 90-95 thousand tons of crop products is carried out.

The use of data from ecological and agrochemical passports, agrochemical cartograms, and recommendations increases the efficiency of land and fertilizer use. Only the use of fertilizers using intensive technology based on the results of diagnostics of mineral nutrition of plants increases the yield of winter wheat by 7-20 centners/ha, the protein content in wheat grain by 2-3 %, gluten – by 3-7 %. The profit from each hectare is up to 3500 hryvnias.

Research materials of the Mykolaiv branch are used by land users for:

comparison of qualitative assessment of soils and determination of unproductive land;

placement of agricultural crops in accordance with their biological requirements;

application of balanced, cost effective doses of organic and mineral fertilizers;

preparation of land management projects for ecological and economic justification of crop rotation.