Poltava branch of the state institution “Institute of soil protection of Ukraine”

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The Poltava branch performs more than a hundred types of analytical studies of soil, crop production and agricultural products. The qualitative composition of mineral and organic fertilizers and chemical meliorants is determined. Radiological and toxicological studies are conducted. In order to constantly monitor the state of soil fertility and changes in the state of contamination with toxic substances, 34 control sites were allocated in the region, of which 25 were located on arable land and 9 – on natural forage lands. In 2005, such plots were increased to 40, of which 28 plots were placed on arable land and 12 on natural forage lands.

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Specialists of the radiological and toxicological Department took an active part in the elimination of the Chernobyl accident, took soil samples in a thirty-kilometer zone and analyzed them in the amount of 385 pieces.

The branch annually conducts an agrochemical survey of 200-220 thousand hectares of agricultural land in the region, certifies 2-2. 5 thousand land plots,provides certificates on the state of soil fertility, and produces cartographic materials. To ensure the efficient use of the region’s land resource, the Poltava branch has created a database for comprehensive analysis of information on the agrochemical survey of soils in the Poltava region “Agro-1”, which has been successfully operating for 12 years. The database contains a unique material for the distribution of soil areas in the Poltava region by their quality indicators.

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Based on the results of analytical studies, certification of crop products is carried out annually. The branch develops design and estimate documentation for chemical reclamation of alkaline and acidic soils. Plant and soil diagnostics are carried out, based on the results of which calculations of the need for mineral fertilizers for the planned crop and recommendations for their use are provided using software developed in cooperation with the O.N. Sokolovsky Institute of Soil Science and agrochemistry.

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Over the years of work, specialists of the Poltava branch conducted a survey on 12,928 thousand hectares. 3,561 thousand soil samples were selected, 72,655,716 analyses were performed, 24,200 cartograms were made, and 3,950 individual recommendations for the rational use of organic and mineral fertilizers were developed.

The branch has 56 employees, 38 of them have higher education, including 27 researchers.

Specialists of the branch conduct research and advisory work on the protection and reproduction of soil fertility in the Poltava region.

The Poltava branch of the SI “Derzhgruntokhorona” is accredited in the system “Ukragrostandard”.

In 1967, the Poltava zonal agrochemical Laboratory took the first place in Ukraine in terms of scientific and production indicators and the second place (after the Riga ZAL) in the USSR.

To perform the tasks set, the Poltava branch has three atomic absorption spectrophotometers for determining heavy metals and trace elements, three modern spectrophotometers for determining mobile forms of macronutrients, and other devices and equipment for performing qualitative types of analyses.

The high experience of the branch’s employees allows to perform a number of laboratory tests to order.

Specialists of the branch take part in seminars, meetings, scientific and practical conferences held within the framework of regional programs. Within the framework of such meetings, seminars and conferences, the work of the branch is highlighted (in the form of thematic presentations), attention is focused on general problematic issues in the agricultural system and possible solutions, and issues related to the environmental safety of the region are raised.

Modern candidates of Agricultural Sciences V. F. Gakhov, A. A. Batsula, L. D. Glushchenko, V. M. Yaremenko, O.P. Raiko, A. I. Zayets, I. M. Krasnyuk, V. M. Dyachenko started their scientific work in the zonal agrochemical laboratory.

The Poltava branch of the state institution “Institute of soil protection of Ukraine” fruitfully cooperates with the Poltava regional state administration, the Department of agro-industrial development of the Poltava regional state administration, the Department of ecology and natural resources of the Poltava regional state administration, the Poltava state agrarian Academy and other scientific institutions of the region, the Main Department of land resources, the state enterprise “Poltava research and design Institute of land management”, the State inspectorate of agriculture in the Poltava region.