Sumy branch of the state institution “Institute of soil protection of Ukraine”

soil (рос. почваангл. soilнім. boden) — english text

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Sumy branch annually conducts an agrochemical survey on an area of 170 – 190 thousand hectares of agricultural land. For farms of all forms of ownership, it produces ecological and agrochemical passports (2200 – 2500 pieces), provides certificates on the state of soil fertility, and produces cartographic material. Performs about 100 thousand units. soil analysis. Determines the qualitative composition of mineral and organic fertilizers. Conducts radiological and toxicological studies. Performs a complete zootechnical analysis of feed. Conducts plant and soil diagnostics, based on the results of which calculations of the need for mineral fertilizers for the planned harvest and recommendations for their application are provided.

The branch’s specialists conduct research and advisory work, which is based on research and coverage of topical environmental issues of soil fertility protection and reproduction.

Sumy branch of the SI “Derzhgruntokhorona” is certified in the system “Ukragrostandartsertification”.

The scientific and agricultural significance of the results of research and design and technological works carried out by the Sumy branch of the SI “Derzhgruntokhorona” is that they are used by specialists in agricultural production, as well as heads of regional and district levels to assess the current state of soil fertility, to make managerial decisions on the use of scientifically based and economically profitable methods of preserving and increasing soil fertility in production.

The results of scientific research are reflected in scientific reports, publications, methodological recommendations, covered at seminars, meetings, scientific and practical conferences.

Sumy branch of the SI “Derzhgruntokhorona” cooperates with the Department of ecology of the Sumy regional state administration, Sumy Institute of Agriculture of the North-East, Sumy state agrarian University, SE “Sumy Institute of land management”.