Vinnytsia branch of the state institution “Institute of soil protection of Ukraine”

The institution was founded in the fall of 1964 as the Vinnytsia zonal agrochemical laboratory on the territory of the experimental Seed Production Station in the  Agronomichne village of the Vinnytsia region. Today, having passed the path of reorganization and improvement, this is the Vinnytsia branch of the state institution “Institute of soil protection of Ukraine”.

The main task and purpose of the branch is to monitor the soils of the Vinnytsia region, including agrochemical certification of land and research in the network of monitoring sites.  In addition, the branch provides services  to producers of the agro-industrial complex of the region, farms of all forms of ownership, sole producers, as well as ordinary citizens who have a share of land in their use.

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The Vinnytsia branch performs about 155 types of various analytical studies of soil, crop products, plant protection products, organic and mineral fertilizers, chemical meliorants, mineral and drinking water, as well as a number of radiological and toxicological studies.

The branch also develops projects for the planned yield of agricultural crops, projects for Liming acidic soils, conducts research and provides a technical report on the state of soils for laying perennial plantings (orchards, berry fields, vineyards).

The branch’s specialists conduct research and advisory work, which is based on research and coverage of topical issues related to soil protection and reproduction and improvement of their fertility.

All work is performed by specialists of the branch’s Laboratory in accordance with the requirements of SSTU at a high level and efficiently.

The branch is accredited by the National Accreditation Agency of Ukraine in accordance with the requirements of SSTU ISO/IEC 17025:2006 (ISO/IEC 17025:2005) in the field of chemical-toxicological, physico-chemical, and radiological testing of agricultural raw materials and products, mineral waters, drinking waters, soils, fertilizers, agrochemical products.

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The Vinnytsia branch fruitfully cooperates with the Vinnytsia Institute of feed and Agriculture of Podillia of the UAAS and the Experimental seed production farm to conduct research on the application of various fertilizer standards on different types of soils and under different agricultural crops.

Significant achievements of the branch are reflected in the holding of seminars, meetings, scientific and practical conferences, where the work of the branch is covered (in the form of thematic presentations, brochures, booklets).

Agrochemical certification of land is carried out annually  on an area of 200-240 thousand hectares and is part of a large-scale survey of soil productivity in the region and the basis for scientific support of rational agricultural production. The result of the work and scientific and practical activities of the branch’s specialists is the publication of articles, booklets, brochures, recommendations, writing scientific reports on the work of the branch.

The Vinnytsia branch of the SI “Derzhgruntokhorona” closely cooperates with the Vinnytsia regional state administration, the Department of agro-industrial development of the Vinnytsia regional administration and district departments, the Main Department of land resources of the Vinnytsia region, the State Department of Environmental Protection in the Vinnytsia region, the Vinnytsia National Agrarian University and a number of other institutions whose activities are related to agricultural production in the Vinnytsia region.