Volyn branch of the state institution “Institute of soil protection of Ukraine”

Volyn branch annually conducts agrochemical survey and certification of agricultural land in farms of all forms of ownership and village councils on an area of about 100 thousand hectares, from which 12 – 13 thousand soil samples are taken and up to 60 thousand analyses are carried out in order to determine the indicators of soil fertility and levels of contamination with heavy metals, radionuclides and residual amounts of pesticides. Based on these studies, the obtained results of agrochemical soil survey by types of agricultural land are summarized, agrochemical cartograms and passports of each field (site) are developed, and specific scientifically based recommendations for effective, environmentally safe application of agrochemical measures are developed.

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Based on the results of agrochemical certification, a comprehensive analysis and assessment of changes in the quality state of soils on agricultural land is carried out.

A regional program for the protection of soil fertility  in the Volyn region has been developed, which defines measures for the systematic preservation and reproduction of soil fertility in the region.

By order of agricultural producers, programs for reproducing and improving soil fertility of a particular farm are developed.

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The branch performs analytical studies to determine the quality of plants, feed, food products, etc. it analyzes greenhouse soils, peat and its processed products for agriculture. The qualitative composition of organic, mineral fertilizers and chemical meliorants, the content of the active substance in plant protection products is determined. Toxicological and Radiological studies of soil and plants are carried out.

Every year, scientific research is conducted to study the effectiveness of applying various forms and norms of mineral and organic fertilizers, biologics and plant growth stimulators, new types of non-traditional fertilizers and their impact on soil fertility in the conditions of the Volyn region, monitoring of agricultural surface water, monitoring of soils and plants in the observation network on monitoring sites, agrochemical survey of agricultural land. Based on the results of research, the following factors are determined  optimal fertilizer rates, which ensure the highest crop productivity and fertilizer payback, develop recommendations for agricultural producers.

Scientific achievements of the branch are reflected at regional seminars, meetings, scientific and practical conferences and outside the region in the form of thematic presentations.

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Based on the results of research, scientific articles, methodological recommendations, monographs, brochures, reports, and so on are published.

The Volyn Branch successfully cooperates with the Volyn regional state administration, the Department of agro-industrial development of the regional state administration, the National Research Center “The Institute named after O.N. Sokolovsky,  of Soil Science and agrochemistry”, the Polessky Experimental Station of the National Research Center “ISSA named after O. N. Sokolovsky”, Volyn DSDS Institute of Agriculture of Western Polesie of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, State Inspectorate of Agriculture in the Volyn region, Main Department of land resources in the Volyn region, Lшublin Voivodeship, Institute of fertilizer management and Soil Science IUNG (Pulava), chemical field station (Lшublin), etc.

The branch’s research materials are used by land users for:

Comparison of the quality of soil assessment in fields, farms and determination of unproductive land;

Placement of agricultural crops in accordance with their biological requirements;

Application of balanced cost-effective doses of organic and mineral fertilizersж

Determination of the need for radical improvement of soils, development of technological and design estimates for its implementation;

Conducting a monetary assessment of land, determining the amount of land payment;

Development of investment projects, business plans, registration of certificates on the state of soil fertility, etc.;

Assessment of the quality of agricultural products.

Based on the results of research certificates of product quality and recommendations for its effective use are issued.

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